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Company hires for IT jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Wipro said recently it is heavily recruiting for IT jobs in Atlanta, among other locations.

The Indian IT services and consulting group has a development center in Atlanta where 90 percent of its 800 employees are local hires.

“In the US, we are aggressively localising,” Azim Premji, the chairman and majority owner of the company, told the Financial Times, “We are evaluating two more centres in the US, hoping to set up scenarios similar to Atlanta. We will make a call on this in the next three months, absolute maximum.”

In its Q3 earnings report, Wipro said it has been chosen as a partner by a large financial institution for a Digital Transformation Program that spans across all its digital assets and channels. The objective of the initiative is to integrate the company‟s marketing and sales channels to improve customer experience. The program‟s focus on web, mobile and real time customer analytics will deliver deep insights on customer profiling, acquisition and retention. The success of the program will change the competitive positioning of the client and will help establish it as an online leader.
A company belonging to a US based private equity firm has selected Wipro as the sole partner for its Process Transformation initiative.

Wipro will be working on various cost optimization and efficiency improvement initiatives using LEAN and will help the customer with workforce management solutions. Wipro is setting up a near shore center for the customer in the US and will subsequently also deliver from centers in Japan and China.

Wipro won a multi-year total outsourcing engagement with a leading global provider of engineering services in the manufacturing sector. Wipro will help the client increase their services footprint by standardization and variabilization of their evolving business processes while transforming their Applications and Infrastructure landscape.

AstraZeneca, a leading global biopharmaceutical company has selected Wipro for a multiyear engagement to enhance its SIAM (Service Integration and Management) and EUC (End User Computing) infrastructure. The implementation will help AstraZeneca extract and manage the best from its IT ecosystem as well as enable a single model governance and control framework. It will facilitate a flexible and secure work space, for the company‟s end user infrastructure environment encompassing 69,000 employees, globally.

Institutes receive grant to create IT jobs in Atlanta

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Two important educational institutes in Georgia have received a big grant to fuel the creation of IT jobs in Atlanta.

The Georgia Institute of Technology and Gwinnett Technical College, part of the Atlanta Health Information Technology (HIT) cluster, have been awarded a $1.65 million grant to enhance the state’s capabilities in this sector. The initiative is part of the federal government’s Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge, a tri-agency competition initiated to support the advancement of 20 high-growth, regional industry clusters. The Atlanta HIT cluster’s proposal was one of 20 selected from 125 applicants.

The news is big for those looking for Atlanta jobs.

The collaborative program, designed to quickly create jobs to fill demand in Georgia’s expanding HIT cluster, provides a commercialization pathway for the supply-side and training for the workforce on the provider side. The initiative also engages traditionally underserved businesses throughout the state’s economically distressed areas via technical assistance resources.

“Our ultimate goal is simple – to achieve higher-quality, lower-cost and more patient-centric health care throughout Georgia,” said Steve Rushing, director of HIT initiatives at Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2), who will serve as the general advisor for the integrated project plan. “Through extensive collaboration and partnerships, this initiative leverages existing resources to boost job creation through technology deployment, and thus economic development.”

The HIT proposal is funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA), the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Small Business Administration (SBA). The Atlanta Development Authority (ADA) will assist with financing coordination on the SBA Scope of Work.

“ADA will focus on identifying and coordinating financing sources such as small business loans and equity from angel and venture capital firms to enhance this initiative,” says Brian McGowan, president and ADA CEO. “This grant will greatly expand our region’s capacity to create jobs and establish a global competitive edge in a highly sought after innovation cluster.”

In-kind donations and support for hiring program graduates have also come from the HIT industry and information technology providers. In addition, the Georgia Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center will play a key role in identifying eligible and formerly underserved small businesses to participate in the program.

eHire focuses on hiring for IT jobs in Atlanta

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

eHire is a company focused on screening for IT jobs in Atlanta and nationwide.

eHire’s continued focus on their relationship-based recruiting methodology and thorough screening practices is paying huge dividends for clients with IT hiring needs. eHire specializes in building best-of-breed software engineering and management teams for growing companies.

In an IT employment market where demand has risen sharply and talent is scarce, eHire’s customers are still getting great candidates in as timely a fashion as when technologists were plentiful. eHire is maintaining its average time to present a candidate to under 24 hours from the time a job requisition is received and qualified. Unlike eHire, many recruiting companies found themselves scrambling to meet the needs of their clients as the market shifted. Their antiquated practices are no longer providing (more…)

Tips on hiring for IT jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

A blog just published this week highlights tips and solutions to hiring for IT jobs in Atlanta.

The blog writes, do you have an existing computer network that needs substantial upgrading? Or may be you are still planning to get your business wired and you are wondering how to set-up a network. What you should do is to look for a professional IT consulting firm that can offer specialized Atlanta network support service. Outsourcing your IT needs is a wise decision nowadays because it can lower your overall operational costs. Most important of all, you can enjoy better peace of mind because the right consultants will be able to offer comprehensive IT services from computer repair Alpharetta to more complicated network design, setup, and troubleshooting.

Even better, hiring for IT jobs in Atlanta has increased markedly, demonstrating the significant demand for this type of services.

Hiring for IT jobs in Atlanta increases dramatically

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Employers hiring for IT jobs in Atlanta have enjoyed a steady momentum, according to a recent survey.

With more than 220,000 new jobs posted online over the past 30 days, Computer Programmers are the most in-demand position, according to WANTED Analytics (, the leading source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace. This represents a 26% increase over the same time period in 2010.

Meanwhile other companies are hiring for web development jobs in Atlanta as well.

Within Computer Programming, Computer Systems Analysts lead the hiring demand with 40,000 new job ads placed online over the past thirty days, a year-over-year increase of 24%. Other high-demand positions were Web Developers, with 32,000 new jobs posted in the past 30 days (a 21% increase from 2010) and Computer Software Engineers, with just over 28,000 new job ads placed (a 29% increase versus prior year). (more…)

Media Group hires for web development jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

352 Media Group announced this week it is recruiting for web development jobs in Atlanta, as well as IT jobs in Tampa.

According to its website, as a full-service Web development and digital marketing company, 352 Media Group provides a complete approach to business development. From developing websites and creating mobile applications to launching integrated marketing campaigns, 352 Media Group helps build and establish its clients as major players within their industries.

Just two weeks after the Web design company hosted the grand opening party for its new Web development office in downtown Tampa, Fla., for approximately 100 guests, 352 Media Group is looking for full-time programmers, Web designers and account directors/project managers who are eager to provide a better experience in Web development and digital marketing.

eHire focusing on IT jobs in Atlanta

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

eHire has said via a press release that it attempting to improve the state of IT jobs in Atlanta.

The Atlanta-based recruiting and staffing company is looking to overcome a huge challenge facing many hiring managers and staffing companies. The challenge is that there are more highly skilled IT jobs than there seems to be professionals to fill them.

In 2011 many companies, startups and Fortune 500s alike, need to work harder and smarter to find IT talent. It is important to know where to look and what incentives to offer to attract those hard to find candidates. eHire offers their services to clients and candidates alike as subject matter experts in hope of helping professionals navigate this [competitive IT market.

Endeavor hires for IT jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Endeavor has announced it is recruiting for IT jobs in Atlanta.

Hiring is currently underway to fill a variety of positions across several key operations and technical departments. The staffing increases kick off 2011 as part of the executive initiative to continue enhancing its infrastructure to ensure scalability and continually improving upon the high quality of service its customers expect and sustaining profitability for investors.

During 2010, a banner year for Endeavor where revenue and volume records were set, head count in the Atlanta-based TAC increased by 44%. This growth trend will continue into 2011 as the company is actively seeking top talent in the metro Atlanta area. With a growing number of large-scale, complex installation deployments that are underway or coming down the customer pipeline, seasoned industry veterans are targeted to fill rolls that will oversee and implement them within Endeavor’s operations. Those with PMP certifications are sought for positions in Endeavor’s growing Project Management organization while experienced technical experts are encouraged to apply for senior roles within Operations Engineering.

Manhattan Associates Hiring for Logistics Jobs in Atlanta

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Manhattan Associates has announced that after initial layoffs they are now hiring for logistics jobs in Atlanta.

The company released its second quarter results and said that after laying off 140 people last year, they are now looking to add about 50 people.

Most will be IT positions. They currently have about 900 associates total in the Atlanta area.

Revenue rose 33 percent in the second quarter to $77.6 million. Profit was $8.2 million, or 36 cents a share, compared to a loss of $556,000 a year ago, or 2 cents a share. (more…)

Investment Terms to Fuel IT Jobs in Atlanta

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Harvest Partners, a private equity firm, has announced they made an investment in Insight Global, a company that helps staff IT jobs in Atlanta.

According to a press release, Insight Global, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the fastest-growing providers of information technology staffing solutions in North America, with nearly $350 million in annual sales. Insight Global operates a nationwide network of 21 regional offices, providing exceptional staffing solutions and customer service to more than 1,500 customers. Insight Global fills nearly 10,000 IT staffing placements each year for a diverse range of Fortune 1000 corporations in end markets such as technology, healthcare, energy, telecom, financial services, and government.