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Atlanta Government Jobs Reduced by Thousands

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

When the 2010 fiscal year comes around, Atlanta government jobs will have been reduced by the thousands.

Mayor Shirley Franklin recently released her proposed 2010 budget for the City of Atlanta. Under that budget, the General Fund workforce will have decreased by 30 percent from 2001, from 5,617 workers to 3,934 workers. During the same time, the city has grown by 25 percent.

A recent analysis by Bain & Company noted that the Atlanta has moved from the second-worst performing city among major cities in the country in terms of efficiency to the second best.


Atlanta Job Funding Mishandled?

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Millions of dollars used for Atlanta job funding could soon be lost.

The City of Atlanta may have to give up $11.3 million for allegedly mishandling federal grant money intended to help people find jobs, according to an article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. An audit by the United States Department of Labor‘s Office of the Inspector General found the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency used the money to make contracts without competitive bids, make questionable expenditures and supply services to ineligible recipients.

The audit recommends the Labor Department recover the $11.3 million in federal Welfare-to-Work and Workforce Investment Act funds that should have been used to pay for job training and placement services.


Atlanta City Jobs Continue to Dwindle

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

More Atlanta city jobs will soon be eliminated.

The City of Atlanta recently announced its plan to cut 222 jobs, only a month after it previously cut another 93 positions. The city has been cutting jobs to make up for budget shortfalls, and is expecting to save up to $14 million after the cuts.

Not only are jobs being cut, but city services also are taking a hit because of the cuts. According to an article by WGCL, everything from parks and recreation to police and fire department jobs will be affected.


1,116 Jobs in Atlanta Lost to Shortfall

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

The City of Atlanta’s finance department has laid off dozens of employees and wiped out many vacant positions in order to help patch this year’s $140 million budget hole.

The layoffs hit not only senior accountants and policy managers, but office support staff such as administrative assistants. With the elimination of 38 Atlanta jobs, the agency lost nearly a quarter of the 170 authorized positions it had in fiscal year 2008.

In all, the city laid off 372 employees and eliminated 1,116 positions — some filled and some vacant — to address the deficit.