Atlanta jobs increase

Atlanta is busy adding more jobs to the economy.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said Atlanta set another record in December for total jobs.

At the same time, monthly numbers increased for labor force and number of employed. And, Atlanta maintained annual growth in all critical measures.

“Georgia had a very good year economically speaking in 2018,” Butler said. “As I look back over the year, our state added to its workforce, employed more residents and increased jobs. Many of our local communities set records.”

The unemployment rate for December, at 3.4 percent, was up 0.4 percent over the previous month. A year ago, the rate was 4.1 percent. That rate was tied for second lowest among the 14 MSAs. The rate increased in 13 of the 14 MSAs.

The labor force in Atlanta climbed by 21,459 in December to reach 3.1 million. That number is up by about 40,000 over the past year – an average monthly increase of about 3,400.

Atlanta added 7,805 employed residents in December, pushing the total to 2.9 million. The number is up 55,750 for the year, or about 4,600 per month.

Jobs grew by 8,600 in December to 2.8 million – a record high. Atlanta’s job total is up 69,300 over the year – an average monthly increase of about 5,700.