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A new round of manufacturing jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Another company is creating more valuable manufacturing jobs in Atlanta.

VanRiet Material Handling Systems, a Dutch manufacturer of automated transport and sorting solutions, will create more than 70 jobs in Fulton County. This will be VanRiet’s fourth location, and first in the United States.

“International investment is a vital component to the state’s economy, and we find that Georgia provides the ideal environment for international companies to thrive,” said GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson. “We are excited that VanRiet Material Handling Systems chose Georgia. Our dedication to maintaining strong global partnerships has allowed us to maintain a welcoming environment for international companies such as VanRiet.”

VanRiet Material Handling Systems, specialist in automatic transport and sorting solutions, is focusing on the American market by opening a facility in Fulton County. The market is of interest for the Dutch system integrator due to the growing demand for solutions in North America among its current customers. In the U.S. the company will deliver sub-systems and cooperate with other system integrators in the CEP, e-commerce and 3PL markets.

“At VanRiet, we strive for full-fledged partnerships,” says CEO Rik van den Boog. “This means that we explore the possibilities when our international customers ask us whether we can also develop, implement and maintain our intralogistics solutions in the United States, besides in Europe and Asia. Given our growth ambitions and the increasing demand, the opening of a sales office and production facility in the US constitutes a logical step for us.”

“Moreover, we find that the automation wave that has swept Europe in the last ten years is only just gaining ground there. So, it is a good time to go there,” adds Marketing Manager Henne Tap.

GDEcD’s Director of International Investment, Nico Wijnberg, represented the Global Commerce division in partnership with Georgia EMC.

Companies create more manufacturing jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

One company is busy creating more manufacturing jobs in Atlanta.

OFS Fitel, LLC (OFS), manufacturer of optical fiber products, will create 200 jobs and invest $138.9 million in the expansion of both their Norcross and Carrollton facilities.

“It is always a win when an existing industry commits to an expansion, but what makes this announcement even more impactful that is that OFS is creating job opportunities at two facilities in the state,” said GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson. “Congratulations to both Gwinnett and Carroll County. OFS has been an incredible corporate citizen and I am excited for their continued commitment to Georgia.”

OFS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese parent company, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.  In 2017 Furukawa Electric announced plans to nearly double its 2016 optical fiber manufacturing capacity by 2019 and to increase its optical fiber cable manufacturing capacity. Japan is a leading investor nation in Georgia, ranking first among Georgia’s international investors based on total dollar value of investments, and third based on total number of facilities.

“The proliferation of hyper-scale and edge data centers, 5G wireless, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), along with the greater digitization of communications in business, are creating the need for fiber in the Georgia and around the world,” said Timothy F. Murray, head of the Global Optical Fiber and Cable business of Furukawa Electric and CEO of OFS.  “Furukawa Electric is responding with greater capacity, which you can see with the expansions and employment growth in Norcross and Carrollton.  We foresee this demand continuing into the next decade with communication traffic estimated to increase during this period.”

“OFS’ expansion in Gwinnett is a direct reflection of our superior workforce and business friendly climate,” said Gwinnett County Commission Chair Charlotte Nash. “We are proud that global leaders, like OFS, continue to invest in Gwinnett and we look forward to the company’s continued success.”

Company to create data center jobs in Atlanta

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

The opening of a new facility will create more data center jobs in Atlanta.

Facebook will create at least 100 full-time jobs and invest $750 million in a new data center in Stanton Springs over the next five years. New jobs will include positions in engineering and management, as well as opportunities for data center technicians.

“Georgia’s business-friendly climate and world-class technological infrastructure continue to attract innovative companies like Facebook,” said Deal. “It is fitting that the No. 1 company in the world in terms of active users has chosen the No. 1 state for business for this project. We appreciate Facebook’s leadership for recognizing Georgia as a state that serves not only as a major hub for general business, but also as a place where tech firms can be successful in the future. This project represents a significant investment and will create meaningful opportunities for the surrounding community. We welcome Facebook to Georgia and look forward to the growth of this partnership.”

The Newton Data Center will be part of the highly advanced infrastructure that helps Facebook provide apps and services to more than 2 billion people around the world. The new facility will be Facebook’s ninth data center in the U.S.

“As a company, Facebook is committed to creating positive impact at the local level – that means hiring, partnering and investing locally,” said Rachel Peterson, VP of Data Center Strategy at Facebook. “We are thrilled to be making Georgia our new home and look forward to a long and strong partnership with the state, Newton County, and our new community.”

Facebook will construct two buildings to occupy 970,000 square feet. The buildings will be fully operational in 2020.

Facebook’s data centers are among the most advanced, energy-efficient facilities in the world. The Newton Data Center will be powered by 100 percent clean and renewable energy, and cooled using outdoor air instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. The facility will also house Facebook’s hyper-efficient hardware, which powers apps and other services.