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Georgia Power creating research jobs in Atlanta

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Georgia Power is creating research jobs in Atlanta with the addition of the new Water Research Center (WRC) at Plant Bowen near Cartersville.

The center will focus on finding new ways to reduce, conserve and improve the quality of water returned to the environment from power plants.

The WRC is the first U.S. research facility of its kind, and is made possible through a partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Southern Research Institute and 14 other companies aligned with the power generation industry.

The WRC will provide a site for testing technologies to address water withdrawal and consumption, as well as explore ways to recycle or improve the quality of any water returned to the environment. The research facility is expected to yield industry-wide insights that will help power companies minimize the use of water and increase conservation of this valuable natural resource.

Georgia Power is constantly working to find new ways to protect water resources and use them more efficiently. The company withdraws approximately 1.3 billion gallons of water every day from Georgia’s public water ways to generate electricity for 2.4 million customers and, with a focus on conservation and recycling efforts, returns as much as 90 percent directly to the original source.

“The results of the Water Research Center’s test projects are being shared among Georgia Power, EPRI members and the broader electric generation industry,” said Arshad Mansoor, senior vice president of the Research and Development Group for EPRI. “This helps electricity generators all over the world to understand the performance of new technology research and, where appropriate, implement cost-effective strategies to improve water use efficiency and reduce liquid pollutant discharges.”

“We are excited to be collaborating with our partners in the Water Research Center,” added Arthur J. Tipton, Ph.D., Southern Research president and CEO. “The goals of minimizing industry water use and positively impacting conservation not only benefit the power generation industry, but also the environment, and future generations to come. This is a win in every way.”

Atlanta small business jobs affected by shutdown

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

According to a new survey from SurePayroll, Atlanta small business jobs were heavily impacted by the government shutdown.

The provider of online payroll found that the government shutdown had a significant impact on businesses with 10 or less employees, causing them to rethink expectations for the future and question their leaders.

According to the survey, 90 percent of businesses with 10 or less employees felt their concerns are not being heard on Capitol Hill. Two-thirds said they would not reelect their Congressman or woman if the election were held today.

Prior to the government shutdown, 42 percent of small business owners expected to surpass third quarter results in the fourth quarter, according to the Scorecard. After the shutdown, however, that number dropped to only 27 percent. Only 38 percent plan to make new investments in their businesses in the fourth quarter, down from 45 percent prior to the shutdown and 54 percent in June.

Year over year, nationwide hiring is down 1.7 percent and paychecks are up 0.1 percent. Year over year, the South is the only region where hiring is up at 1.0 percent and paychecks there are up 1.0 percent. The West shows a hiring decline of 2.2 percent, with paychecks down 0.8 percent. Hiring in the Midwest is down 3.1 percent and paychecks are positive, up 1.5 percent. In the Northeast, hiring is down 4.1 percent and paychecks are down 1.7 percent.