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Company recruits for sales jobs in Atlanta

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Avion Pharmaceuticals is expanding and hiring for sales jobs in Atlanta.

Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC. is a Specialty Pharmaceutical company formed to develop and market a portfolio of pharmaceutical products in the Women’s Heath and Dermatology therapeutic areas.

The company said it will hire 45 sales representatives to support their Women’s Health Care and Dermatology portfolio of products.

The new sales team has joined the existing 40 representatives in promoting the Prenate® prenatal vitamin family of products along with Nicomide® for inflammatory acne. In addition, the expanded Avion sales team of 85 representatives will be focused on the launch of FeRiva™ a new prescription iron supplement.

FeRiva delivers two forms of iron utilizing a patented INNER CAP multi-compartment capsule technology. FeRiva contains 75 mg of elemental iron that includes Ferrochel® (Ferrous Bis-glycinate Sulfate and Ferronyl® (Carbonyl Iron), two preferred forms of iron for improved tolerability and compliance.

“Avion Pharmaceuticals is excited to continue our focused efforts on nurturing the health and nutritional needs of women. Our sales force expansion is being executed at the optimal juncture in our corporate history to support the progress we have planned for continued growth,” added Mark Pugh, CEO for Avion Pharmaceuticals.

“The expansion of our sales team provides the critical level of sales support needed to effectively promote our portfolio of products to our prescriber community. Avion is well-positioned for continued growth by providing a suite of products that will meet patient needs and our team of sales professionals is poised for success,” stated Mike Sullivan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Avion Pharmaceuticals.

Company to create more customer service jobs in Atlanta

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Via a new expansion, one company is creating more customer service jobs in Atlanta.

The SCCP Group secure m-Commerce technologies operating under the Swiff brand. Incorporated in 2010, it brings together secure payment solutions to card issuing and merchant acquiring services around the world. Using the company’s technologies in payment processing and authentication, the merchant customers of financial institutions are able to deploy one integrated payment solution.

Headquartered in Singapore, SCCP delivers tailored m-Commerce solutions for its customers in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America.

The company has announced the opening of two new offices in North America adding to its San Francisco location in the USA.

The additional teams will provide customer support and strategic account management for a growing client roster that includes banks, merchants and loyalty network operators.

“As the adoption of mobile payments continues to grow worldwide and gain acceptance in North America, we are excited to deploy our highly successful solutions and dominate the market for secure mobile payments strategies,” said SCCP Group CEO and Founder, Jerome Cle.

SCCP Group is headquartered in Singapore and is currently operating on four continents utilizing multi-lingual platforms built around its patented mobile security and authentication solution, developed through the Group’s Paris subsidiary.

“The US and North American regions are critical to our strategic growth plan and we are right on target to expand our lead and competitive advantage as we continue to disrupt the mobile payments revolution,” add Cle.