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Company hires for account executive jobs in Atlanta

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

A company has hired from within for account executive jobs in Atlanta.

infinitee, a full-service marketing and advertising agency, has just announced full-time hire of its marketing intern, Briana Jewett.

Jewett will support the growth of the leading Atlanta agency by assisting account executives in the coordination of client projects as well as continuing to manage the social media marketing for the agency.

Since beginning her internship in August, Jewett has worked as an integral part on some of infinitee’s largest accounts. She has assisted in planning and executing nationwide campaigns as well as providing innovative marketing solutions for each client she has worked with. In addition to her account work, Jewett has maintained infinitee’s social presence, promoting brand awareness and generating engagement.

Infinitee has clients such as Tanger Outlet Centers, Cousins Properties, Parkway Properties, PM Realty Group, Athens First Bank & Trust, King’s Ridge Christian School, DiversiTech, and Royal Oak.

“Briana’s organizational skills, attention to detail and keen communication ability were extremely prevalent throughout her internship. She’s been part of the team since day one and we are pleased to make it official,” said Barbara McGraw, Founder and CMO of infinitee.

Prior to joining infinitee, Jewett received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree with an emphasis in Advertising as well as a minor in Communication Studies from the University of Georgia. While in school, Jewett also worked as the Public Relations and Marketing Director at Corporate GameDay, a corporate event facility in Athens, GA.

Employers cautious about hiring for Atlanta jobs?

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

The hiring outlook is better than four years ago, but employers are still cautious about hiring for Atlanta jobs.

According to Careerbuilder’s annual hiring study, twenty-six percent of hiring managers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in the New Year, up three percentage points over 2012. The study also points to heightened competition for high skill labor and improved compensation trends.

Twenty-six percent of employers expect to hire full-time, permanent employees in 2013, up from 23 percent last year. Nine percent plan to decrease headcount, up from 7 percent last year. Fifty-five percent anticipate no change in their staff levels while 11 percent are unsure.

The top two positions companies plan to hire for in the New Year – Sales and Information Technology – are also where employers expect to see the biggest salary increases. Hiring managers plan to recruit full-time, permanent employees for:

· Sales – 29 percent

· Information Technology – 27 percent

· Customer Service – 23 percent

· Engineering – 22 percent

· Production – 22 percent

· Business Development – 18 percent

· Administrative – 17 percent

· Research & Development – 15 percent

· Accounting & Finance – 14 percent

· Marketing – 14 percent

Fifteen percent of small businesses (500 or fewer employees) reported they plan to take out new lines of credit in 2013. While small businesses are showing more confidence in their hiring intentions, there are still concerns over financial stability and market demand. Plans to hire increased at least three percentage points across small business segments while plans to downsize trended up the same amount.

· 50 or fewer employees – 19 percent plan to add full-time, permanent staff in 2013, up from 16 percent in 2012; 6 percent plan to reduce headcount, up from 3 percent last year.

· 250 or fewer employees – 24 percent plan to add full-time, permanent staff in 2013, up from 20 percent in 2012; 7 percent plan to reduce headcount, up from 4 percent last year.

· 500 or fewer employees – 24 percent plan to add full-time permanent staff in 2013, up from 21 percent in 2012; 7 percent plan to reduce headcount, up from 4 percent last year.

“More than 60 percent of employers reported that they are in a better financial position than last year and more than 40 percent said their sales increased over the last six months,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “While this bodes well for job creation, employers are still assessing the implications of a weakened global market and a modest recovery at home. The guarded approach to hiring that has been evident over the last few years was sustained in part by concerns over the fiscal cliff during the time of the survey. We don’t expect 2013 to bring any big surprises in regard to employment, rather it will continue on a path of stability and gradual growth barring any significant economic disruptions.”