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CareOne Hires for Telecommuting Jobs in Atlanta

Monday, November 29th, 2010

CareOne has announced they hired a slew of people for various telecommuting jobs in Atlanta, which allows the people to work from home.

At a time when many other companies remain slow to hire due to concerns about the economy, CareOne Services Inc. has hired nearly 350 full-time workers this year alone. The workers filled both vacancies left through normal employee turnover, but also new positions within the company. CareOne now has nearly 800 employees.

A key part of the hiring strategy centered on selecting the very best talent, regardless of geographic location. As such, CareOne processed and reviewed more than 10,000 detailed job applications from across the United States.

While some of these employees have come from the area around CareOne’s headquarters in Columbia, Md., thanks to its use of technology, about 300 of these new hires work from home and connect remotely to CareOne’s computer network. Some of the largest hiring efforts have been in Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, San Diego and Ontario, Calif. (more…)

Company Empowers Veterans with Customer Service Jobs in Atlanta

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

A company is partnering with AT&T to offer veterans customer service jobs in Atlanta.

AT&T* and Alorica today launched a revolutionary customer care program staffed entirely by American veterans with disabilities. This initiative, AloriCares, empowers veterans with an opportunity to earn a good wage and regain independence by working to provide customer care for AT&T business customers.

The AT&T pilot will launch in Atlanta in November and will employ approximately 60 veterans by March. The veterans will serve as front-line customer service representatives, as well as in supervisory, operational, and support functions. AT&T business customer inquiries on the company’s broad range of products and services will be handled by the AloriCares support team. AT&T and Alorica intend to extend the program after the pilot.

“AT&T cultivates a work environment that embraces each individual’s unique characteristics – it’s who we are as a company,” said Lori Lee, Senior Vice President AT&T Customer Care. “We understand that every difference, from race, to gender, sexual orientation and religion, as well as life experience are assets that help us serve the broad range of our customers needs,” Lee says. “That’s why we are working with Alorica in their ‘first-in-service’ initiative as a way for AT&T to pay respect and give back to those who have given so much to ensure the country’s safety and our way of life,” she said.

Toomah Pushes Out Seasonal Jobs in Atlanta

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

A company called Toomah is transforming the hiring process by streamlining the creation of seasonal jobs in Atlanta.

Toomah, an Atlanta-based company that is streamlining the hiring process, offers a cloud-based tool that automates the screening interview, allowing hiring managers to process applicants in large numbers. By cutting the pre-screening process from as much as forty minutes down to less than five minutes per applicant, Toomah’s InterviewPlus enables hiring managers in high-turnover industries like call centers, staffing companies and retail merchants to process more candidates quickly and effectively.

This year, nearly two-thirds of retailers expect their online revenue to increase by at least 15 percent over last year, according to a survey conducted by National Retail Federation’s For high-volume seasonal employers such as these, whose demand for quality employees is being answered by a larger pool of applicants than ever, Toomah’s software translates to greater efficiencies.

Traditionally, those charged with screening new hires must first wade through stacks of resumes, wrong numbers and returned calls from applicants to identify ideal candidates. This generally nets ten to twenty screenings in a day. With InterviewPlus, that number jumps to three or even four times that in a single day, improving productivity by working even when the recruiter does not. The result is a streamlined process in which the hiring manager is free to review applicants more quickly, efficiently and at a time that suits them best while allowing for collaborative review by multiple individuals.

“We provide business intelligence to our customers to allow them to hire better candidates faster,” said Joe Gruca, President and CEO of Toomah. In fact, the tool allows interviewers to add questions relevant to their specific needs, adding another layer of screening and a faster track to the ideal candidate.

An on-demand system, InterviewPlus enables candidates to opt in to the process, providing them with a personalized URL and inviting them to a secure online environment to call in their answers to on-screen interview questions on their own time. According to Gruca, “This affords job seekers the opportunity to make their voices heard through interviews they normally wouldn’t get. They’re often hard to come by. With our tool, more people get to interview.”

Contractors Team Up to Tackle Labor Jobs in Atlanta

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Two companies are joining forces to tackle labor jobs in Atlanta.

Trademark Roofing, a team of roofing contractors that also offers general handyman services in Atlanta, GA, recently joined forces with Prospect Genius in an effort to help a broader range of area homeowners. A notable online advertising company, Prospect Genius will guide Trademark Roofing in their quest to connect with a larger number of Atlanta-area residents searching for roofers, window contractors, or insulation contractors.

The owner of Trademark Roofing, Eric Austin, said that he decided to hire Prospect Genius as part of his company’s ongoing drive to increase visibility and accessibility to local customers in need of handyman services or roofing contractors. “We ultimately chose the PG program because we knew that we needed to become more available to potential clients on the Internet,” Austin said. Prospect Genius leverages search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to streamline the Internet search process for Atlanta homeowners seeking window contractors, insulation contractors, or other handyman services. Now, when prospective customers use Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or any other prominent search engine to find local roofers, the professional services of Trademark Roofing are easier to locate. As an experienced business owner, Austin identified increased visibility and accessibility as crucial factors in success. (more…)