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Jobs in Atlanta Cut with Pepsi

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. recently announced it will cut some jobs in Atlanta.

The world’s second-largest soft-drink distributor recently announced the job cuts after its 2008 earnings forecast lowered. The job cuts overall will amount to an elimination of about 4.6 percent of the company’s workforce in North America, Europe and Mexico.

Pepsi Bottling, which is 33 percent-owned by PepsiCo Inc., will cut a total of 3,150 jobs. According to an article by Bloomberg, most of the jobs to be cut are located in Mexico. Earnings per share will be $2.20 to $2.26 this year, down from the $2.32 to $2.38 Pepsi Bottling forecast in June.


Atlanta Jobs Affected by Bad Transportation

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

The Atlanta area’s, and Georgia’s, transportation problems could end up costing some Atlanta jobs.

A recent study conducted by McKinsey & Co. recently found problems with the city and state’s transportation systems could cost a total of 320,000 possible jobs and $514 billion in economic benefits during the next 20 years. This is the likely scenario, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, if the state sticks to its usual business.

Particularly in the Atlanta area, traffic jams and the lack of access to reliable transportation could limit the number of jobs people can commute to, as well as limit the number of potential workers an employer can attract. At the same time, this could make Atlanta a less attractive market for employers. Commercial freight hauling also is expected to worsen in places like the Savannah port.


Atlanta Firefighter Jobs to Open Up

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Soon many Atlanta firefighter jobs will be available.

The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department is expecting the possible retirement of about 250 firefighters in the next three years, according to an article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some of which could begin as early as December. Department leaders and supporters worry the retirements from the department, which currently employs 977 firefighters, will mean fewer firefighters and longer response times for emergencies.

“That could have a tremendous impact on our services,” Kelvin Cochran, Atlanta Fire Rescue chief, said in the article. (more…)